Our Stories: Angela Davis

Our Stories are a collection of reading passages focusing on African-Americans' achievements. Many of the people may be new to students and adults. Each story is written in a first-person perspective and contains reading strategies that help with comprehension, vocabulary, and building background knowledge.

The Angela Davis collection includes: an activating strategy, vocabulary terms to help build background knowledge or guided note-taking, a color-coded Frayer Model vocabulary graphic organizer, background knowledge research hyperlinks, Bloom structured critical thinking questions to be used as research/writing prompts or discussions, and summarizing prompt.

The font size is 16 for readability. The passages are great for lectures, individual, and teamwork. The hyperlinks are on a separate page to make it clickable. You may also want to consider using the Read/Write tool so that the passage and other resources can be used for young and struggling readers.

Lexile Range 810L-1000L

Please Note: The PowerPoint and hyperlink document is in a Zip file.