Youth in Action Workbook *Digital Copy*

Youth in Action: The Role of Youth in Shaping the Work is a learning and activity workbook featuring fourteen youth of African descent that have helped shape the world.
Each featured individual comes with a brief introduction about who they are and what they have done to impact the world. Each story includes spotlights about other historically relevant dates and/or people and vocabulary. Following this information are writing prompts and two corresponding activities.

The digital copy is available for download and/or print. Optimal printing page size is 8.5 x 11.

Physical copies are available for pre-order.

Highlighted youth:
King Tutankhaten/Tutankhamun
Little Rock Nine
Tougaloo Nine
The Clinton Twelve
Claudette Colvin
Birmingham Foot Soldiers
Greensboro Four
Ruby Bridges
Sarah Rector
Black Panther Oakland Community School
Phillis Wheatley
Zulaikha Patel
Soweto Youth Uprising
Amariyanna Copeny

Activities include:
Writing prompts, crossword puzzles, word searches, math problems, science experiments, word ladders, word scrambles, and more.

Oftentimes, the role of youth in history is ignored. Even more often, the roles of people of African descent are not told. This workbook allows youth to see the power they have in shaping the world. #RepresentationMatters

65 pages