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Are you a....

Student who is having trouble focusing and learning necessary lessons to be a productive citizen?

Teacher who is having a hard time relating the lesson plan to their students of color?

Parent who notices there is a lack of learning material and educators in their child's school that represent their culture?

Then you've come to the right place!

NSS Members:

Create a “Profile” to save favorite materials for later and for a quicker check out process.

Use “Search” to find the subject matter or a specific educator/ business

Click the material you are interested in, read about the creator and the benefits the material can provide for the learner

Click “Purchase” for easy checkout. Use your saved purchase information, otherwise enter your billing and shipping info.

Enjoy your new NSS resource!

Share your reviews on educators and materials with our community.

NSS Sellers:

Create a “Profile” to sell your resources and list your services.

Choose "Post a listing" to list your product or service.

 Fill out NSS VENDORS form, and choose subscription.

Set up your "Payment Preferences" in order to start receiving money.    

        NSS payment services are provided by Stripe.

Easily manage your listings, transactions, notifications and more with user "Settings"

Choose the listing type and enter the details of your product or service.

You can upload an unlimited amount of pictures to support your post.

Sellers' Agreement

Products and Services must reach NSS requirements and will be removed if not met. Requirements include:

  • You must be the original creator of product or dealer of service.
  • Your product or service must contain cultural content that is inclusive to learners of color.



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5% per transaction


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Access to all products and services


 Disclaimer: Basic subscriptions are free for your first year if the subscription is started during the period between June 1, 2021 and August 20, 2021. After the first year period has ended, subscriptions are subject to change. Premium subscriptions are not subject to "Grand Opening Deal". Nu School Supplies (NSS) Members always join and shop for free.